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Armada CEO Honored as Queen Elizabeth Prize Ambassador

Armada CEO, Alex Routledge has been invited to share his thoughts on the future of shipping as a Queen Elizabeth Prize Ambassador. This is a huge honour! In his paper titled, ‘Could bubbles be the missing piece to unlock maritime decarbonisation’?’’?, Alex delves into the role that hull air lubrication could play in reducing maritime carbon emissions.

Hull air lubrication is a highly innovative technology that uses a layer of air bubbles to reduce the friction between a ship’s hull and the water. By creating a cushion of air bubbles along the ship’s bottom, the technology helps to reduce resistance, which in turn can result in significant fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions. Hull air lubrication has been studied and tested by major players in the shipping industry, and the results have been impressive. The technology offers a range of benefits, including lower fuel costs, reduced emissions, and improved vessel performance. As a result, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for ship owners and operators who are looking to reduce their environmental impact and improve their bottom line.

An excerpt from the article: ‘If there is increased interest in energy saving technology, why are we not seeing mass implementation across the world shipping fleet? And why is energy efficiency not the shipping industries key tool of choice to drive the maritime agenda both further and faster? The answers to these questions are nuanced and many.’ To read the entire article go to

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