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Armada Technologies is short listed for the Green4Sea Technology Award

The Green4Sea Technology Award reinforces excellence in new environmental technologies in the maritime industry by recognizing “significant technological achievements, breakthroughs, or contributions in any aspect of environmental maritime activity.” Armada Technologies is very excited to be short listed for this prestigious Award!

Armada Technologies (Armada) is bringing to market a second generation ‘passive air lubrication system’ (PALS) that utilizes the vessel’s own forward motion to drive water through a series of openings in the bow region of the vessel. These openings direct system water through branch lines to venturis and injectors that then “passively” deliver an optimal air/water mix (rather than simply air) for hull lubrication of unparalleled efficacy. PALS utilizes a small number of low energy pumps and blowers, rather than compressors, to deliver greater system control and drag reduction optimization that is aligned to the vessel’s prevailing speed, draft and the even weather conditions.

Alex Routledge, Armada CEO said: “There is a great diversity in both the maritime sectors and start-up technologies that are represented in the Green4Marine Technology Award program and Armada is thrilled to be part of this well-regarded group of companies. I am proud of our accomplishments and feel that PALS will be a great asset to shipowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint through our unique technology. PALS is going to revolutionize the air lubrication industry with its unique performance-boosting, machine learning bubble control system and low energy requirements.”

The Green4Sea final award is determined by a vote from the general audience and an industry panel of team of experts; voting for the companies listed for the Technology Award will close on 3 March 2023. To vote for Armada, click HERE. The Awards will be presented to winners at a dedicated virtual special event on Wednesday,19 April 2023. Armada Technologies is an affiliate of Ecochlor’s EcoOne® Marine Technology Group. Andrew Marshall, CEO commented: “Being shortlisted for the Green4Sea Technology Award is a testament to all the people who have worked so hard to bring this innovative concept to fruition. In the near future, the Armada air lubrication system is going to be instrumental in improving a ship’s CII ratings whilst having a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of the vessel. I look forward to being a part of this very exciting journey alongside their team!”

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