Armada Technologies is Finalist for MMIA23 Technology & Innovation Award

Armada Technologies (Armada) is thrilled to announce that they have been named a finalist for the prestigious Mersey Maritime Industry Awards 2023 in the category of ‘Technology & Innovation’. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to revolutionize the maritime industry through cutting-edge technological advancements.

The award is focused on recognizing the contribution of businesses, charities, or organizations that have demonstrated innovation or delivered/developed a technical or technological project, product or process that has had a significant impact in terms of improved efficiency, increased marketability, measurable cost savings, and environmental cost savings. Armada’s dedication to innovation has directly contributed to these key factors.

‘At Armada, we believe that technology and innovation are fundamental to driving positive change in the maritime industry. By constantly innovating and embracing advancements, we can deliver solutions that are more sustainable, adaptable, and efficient’, said Alex Routledge, CEO.

The Armada team would like to thank everyone for their continued support, and looks forward to the Mersey Maritime Industry Awards ceremony as we celebrate and recognize the achievements of the most outstanding companies and individuals in the maritime industry.

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