Retrofit for 55 Consortium

Armada Technologies is proud to be a co-founding member of the Retrofit for 55 Consortium, which is a distinguished group comprised of industry experts.

The EU-funded RETROFIT55 project is geared towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 35% through retrofitting ships with new energy-saving solutions. To achieve the desired fuel consumption reduction of 55% by 2030, a combination of various systems such as ship electrification, hydrodynamic design optimization, operational optimization, wind-assisted ship propulsion, and innovative air lubrication system is necessary.

This project aims to provide a decision-support system that integrates these solutions and allows users to compare retrofitting options in terms of cost, return on investment, and performance. This project truly embodies Armada Technologies’ commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions.

RETROFIT55 will revolutionize the use of energy-saving solutions and renewable energy sources!

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