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Revolutionizing Maritime Dynamics: Hull Air Lubrication Systems as a EET Solution

Hull Air Lubrication (HAL) has been around for nearly 70 years, evolving from a noise reduction technology to a leading energy efficiency solution. Contrary to wind propulsion technologies, HAL focuses on reducing frictional resistance, making it effective across various speeds, sea states, and ship types. Despite less promotion compared to wind technologies, HAL’s effectiveness has led to a 1:4 sales ratio in its favor.

With over 200 Air Lubrication Systems (ALS) on the water or on order as of Q1 2024, compared to approximately 50 wind-assisted technologies, HAL continues to gain traction. The article examines why this is the case, exploring the nuanced factors influencing decision-making beyond performance and cost.

The piece argues that the shipping industry should integrate multiple energy efficiency technologies, including ALS and wind-assisted solutions, to achieve commercially attractive and environmentally sustainable operations. This requires collaborative efforts from various stakeholders, such as financiers, insurers, and charterers.

Ultimately, achieving technological performance certainty could be the key to driving investment and meaningful environmental improvements in the shipping industry. The article dives deep into how managing and interpreting raw performance data can optimize energy efficiency technologies for a decarbonized future.

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